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  • Responsive design

    Our app has been designed to show in perfect Retina display on any device. This provides the best in high definition reporting while documenting photos and videos.

  • Ranking System

    Enjoy ranking up in a global reporting community. Compete against peers, view leader boards and see how the top reporters gained their ranks

  • Reporter Tracking

    Show other reporters where you have travelled? Track your distance! Earn rewards!

  • College Connections

    Connect with other journalism schools all over the world. Add your classes to the community! Meet and collaborate with peers to showcase amazing stories!

  • Rewards

    Report and earn amazing rewards for your hard work! Trophies, Badges even real money!

  • Community Connection

    Jump in reporting communities. Ask questions! Learn from others and apply your experience to your next big story!

Showcase Your Work

Build a digital reporting portfolio and showcase your stories for others to review and rate in our reporting community!

Reporting & Rewards

  • Reporting Seasons

    Compete in monthly reporting seasons! Go for the most publishes stories or out-scoop a classmate on a hot story! Strive for that #1 spot each season!

  • Build Your Brand

    You are a reporter! Your name is everything in this industry! Build your brand and promote yourself and your hard work through our reporting community!

  • Collaborate with Peers

    Team up with other reporting peers to make a story come together! Need someone who knows about North Korea? Maybe a photographer who has bird images? Team up and make your next story truly shine!

Teamwork & Story Publication

One of the most fun features of the JYRNO network is the chance to find other peer reporters and team up with them! In the end what is important is creating a great story! Need video clips for your story? Maybe photos of waterfalls? Find friends in our community that can help!

What is JYRNO?

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