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About Jyrno

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JYRNO: Media Hub

Connecting creative folks all over the world!

Jyrno is a common ground for media folks to collect their creative content! We offer space for young journalists to show their work to the world and meet some amazing industry insiders in the process!

Since 2001, freelancers from all over the world have flocked to JYRNO for that special connection with others just like them. From publishing article and photos, competing in reward filled reporting seasons to professor mentoring, JYRNO offers many avenues for young creative to promote themselves as important up and coming members of the media!

JYRNO has helped thousands of bright young minds get published, graduate and even snag that dream job they have always wanted! Yeah, we're kind of a big deal! Recently re-vamped and re-designed, JYRNO offers even more tools to help users achieve their desired goals!

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Reporting Seasons

Leader Boards/Awards

Enjoy competing against other Jyrnos in monthly seasons! Publish more, create more and be the best! Win cool prizes too! Oh yeah!

Publication Tracking

See who is reading your stuff!

Track and mange all of your published content! See how many hits you get, who is reading your work and use this information to land that dream job!

Article/Content Back Up

Safely store all of your uploaded content

Enjoy safe storage for all of your goodies! No more losing papers, spilling super tasty Starbucks coffee on your hard work! Digital storage for all of your work! Oh Yeah!


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